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The White Hope

Barack ObamaWhen the Afro-American Barack Obama was elected president of the USA in 2009 it was a sensation and marked a milestone in the American history.

His father, the Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama and his other, the American Stanley Ann Dunham met at the university of Hawaii in Manao where they lived as students. They got married in 1961 in the state of Hawaii at a time where it still was forbidden in some US states that black and white got married together.

But the marriage lasted only this 1964 and from 1971 the young Barack Obama did not have any contact to this father.

He moved together with his mother to Jakarta where he lived til 1971 before he returned to Hawaii again and lived togehter with his grandparents.

He came to the USA in  1979 where he first studied at the Occidental College in Los Angeles, afterwards followed a study at the Columbia University in New York City where he graduated in political science.

He joined the Harvard Law School in 1988 to study jurisprudence. There he met his future wife Michelle Robinson in the same year.

When he moved to Chicago in 1992 he was active politically for the first time as advance man for the presidential contender Bill Clinton.

Barack Obama was elected to the Senate of Illinois in 1996 and this was the foundation for his own political career.
During the years in the Senate of Illinois he advocated for the poor people, e.g. in the field of the community health or for the rights of the homosexuals.

He he won the internal pre-election of the democrats in 2004 surprisingly he managed the step to the US Senate afterwards with the impressive result of 70%. From now on he was regarded as the new shooting star of the democrats.

Barack Obama announced his candidateship for the presidency. After one democratic candidate after the other dropped out in the course of thime only he and Hillary Clinton remained in the primaries. Only in Juni 2008 Hillary Clinton moved back her candidacy when it became clear that she will not be able to win within the democrats.

When Barack Obama became the official candidate for the presidency he also travelled abroad, among others to Afghanistan, Irac, Israel and West Europe.

On November 16, 2008 it became official. Barack Obama was elected as the first Afro-American president of the USA with his campaign "Yes We Can".
Barack Obama was attested on January 20, 2009 and was said to be the hope for the future for a new and open USA and that he is able to correct the negative impression of the USA which was left by his forerunner George W. Bush.

Especially the foreign country welcomed the election of Barack Obama majoritarian which was among others reflected in the (overhasty) award of the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year. This award was criticized because there was no record of achievement for the peace by Barack Obama.

At the beginning of his mandate he demonstrated that he was willing to implement his campaigne pledges. He skipped decrees of George W. Bush for review, he let examine juridical the scandalous prison camp Guantanamo Bay and prohibited tortur against inmates.
Also the fallback of the army from Irac was expedited but he continued the targeted abatement against terrorism. He supported the drone missile attacks to which many people fell victim, among them also civilians (women, children).
Barack Obama could celebrate a big triumph on May 1, 2011 when the most wanted man of the world Osama Bin Laden was shot.

During his mandate happened the Arabic Spring which led to international relief but which caused disorientation in the affected countries.
The USA and Europa only interferred superficial and let the revolution take its way more or less. Only when they became aware of massacres against the civil population the tone became harsher.

Although the development in the foreign affairs aspected for Barack Obama and his reelection, the interminable financial crisis which entailed huge unemployment in the USA represent an enormous hypothecary credit.
But the mentality that new brooms sweep clean did not cost his win and Barack Obama was elected for a second mandate.

What the election demonstrated was the rift between different components - similar to the Swiss Röschti rift between the German-speaking and the French-speaking Switzerland. The American Tutti-Frutti rift demonstrated great differences in the electorial behavior between black and white, between men and women, between young and old and between the states at the coast and the states inside.

The picture at the top was signed by Barack Obama on the occasion of his participation at the NATO summit meeting in Strasbourg in 2009.