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Otto Hartmann

1904 - 1994

The actor Otto Hartmann began his artistic career at the theater, among others he appeared at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

From 1927 Otto Hartmann also took part in some movies, the first time in "Alles will zum Film" (27).
In the next years followed other engagements for "Champagner" (29) and "Die Jugend am Scheideweg" (29).

In the sound film era of the 30s he continued his career and he impersonated support roles in movies like "Das Schicksal einer schönen Frau" (31), "Der Fall des Generalstabs-Oberst Redl" (31), "Der Choral von Leuthen" (33), "Burgtheater" (36), "Das jüngste Gericht" (40) and "Der weisse Traum" (43).

Otto Hartmann was accused for his voluntary collaboratuion with the National Socialists. Although Otto Hartmann took part in numerous operations including assassinations for the resistance movement "Grössösterreichische Freiheitsbewegung" he betrayed the members of the resistance to the Gestapo in 1940. Nearly all members (about 200 people) of the resistance were arrested and interrogates. Twelve of them were sentenced to death afterwards.

Later Otto Hartmann was able to become a member of another resistance movement - the KPÖ - infiltrieren. This group was busted as well.

After the war Otto Hartmann was able to cover his tracks of short duration and as a member of the Viennese police since 1944 he could carry on this occupation after the war before he was arrested by French soldiers. They convicte him to life imprisonment but in 1957 he became reprieved.

Afterwards he earned his living as a commercial clerk.

Other movies with Otto Hartmann:
Alles will zum Film (27) Champagner (29) Vater Radetzky (29) Die kleine Veronika (29) Les altimbanques (30) Vagabund (30) Der letzte Kampf der Donau-Monarchie (30) Stürmisch die Nacht (31) Mysterium des Geschlechtes (33) Unser Kaiser (33) Vorstadtvariete (35) Lockspitze Asew (35) Leutnant Bobby, der Teufelskerl (35) Singende Jugend (36) Flitterwochen ohne Mann (39)