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Isabelle Adjani


The actress Isabelle Adjani belongs to the stars of the French film for more than 30 years and was mentioned as a worthy successor of Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve.
She was convincing as a professional actress and was awarded many times.

Isabelle Adjani made her film debut already at the age of 14 with the film „Le petit bougnat“ (69), but her real breakthrough came with François Truffauts „Die Geschichte der Adele H.“ (75) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar. Other movies like „Faustine“ (71), „Die Ohrfeige“ (74) and „Barocco“ (76) underpinned her career. 

Isabelle Adjani only accepted few role offers during her career - till today something more than 30 movies.
But not the number of the movies is important but their quality - and most of her movies show this.

Parts in „Nosferatu - Phantom der Nacht“ (79), „Les soeurs Brontë“ (79), „Possession“ (81), „Quartet“ (81), „Ein mörderischer Sommer“ (82), "Subway" (85), „Camille Claudel“ (88) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar for the second time - „La reine Margot - Die Bartholomäusnacht“ (94) and „Diabolique“ (96) let beat the heart of the French and European audience higher.

Despite her Oscar nominations she wasn't able to assert in Hollywood. The only took part in two movies - „The Driver“ (78) and „Ishtar“ (87) - both were flops.

Besides her career as an actress she crystallized as a woman who knows what she wants and went all out for it. When she got her third César she didn't call out the usual phrases but cited a text by Salman Rushdie, who was just condemned to death by Ayatollah Khomeini.

She also stand up public of her Algeria extraction when the extreme right-wing Le Pen called on to assail against African immigrants.

To her last movies belong "Adolphe" (02), "Bon voyage" (03) and "Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran" (03).

Other movies with Isabelle Adjani: 
L'école des femmes (73) L'avare (73) Le secret des flamands (74) Ondine (75) Le locataire (76) Violette & François (77) Clara et les Chics Types (81) L'année prochaine...si tout va bien (81) Tout feu, tout flamme (82) Antonieta (82) Mortelle randonnée (83) T'as de beaux escaliers tu sais (86) Toxic Affair (93) Paparazzi (98) La repentie (02)