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Souad Amidou


The actress Souad Amidou was born as the daughter of the actor Amidou. At the age of 6 she already appeared in the front of the camera for Claude Lelouchs movie "Un homme et une femme" (66).

After that followed a longer interruption, only at the beginning of the 80's she continued her film career. She took part in "Les filles de Grenoble" (81) and finally at Gérard Depardieu's side in "Le grand frère" (82), for which she was nominated for a César as an up-and-coming young actress.

But in the following years she wasn't able to meet these expectancy, big productions kept rare.
In the 80's she appeared in movies like "P'tit con" (84), "Diesel" (85), "Léviy et Goliath" (87) and "Bobby et l'aspirateur" (89).

In the next years followed normally TV productions, beside it she also acted in few feature movies. To this movies belong "La batalla de los Tres Reyes" (90), "Neige dans la midi" (91), "Tom est out seul" (95), "Et si l'on vivait ensemble" (96) and "3 zéros" (02).

Other movies with Souad Amidou: 
Serie "Julien Fontanes, magistrat: Un coup de bluff" (84) Adieu blaireau (85) Maladie d'amour (87) Vaines recherches (87) Serie "A mala de Cartao" (88) Serie "L'affaire Saint-Romans" (88) Serie "Les hordes" (91) Serie "Rocca" (93) Le nombril du monde (93) H'Biba M'Sika (94) Le plus beau métier du monde (96) Serie "Mission protection rapprochée" (98) Serie "Joséphine, profession ange gardien" (01) And Now...Ladies and Gentlemen (02)