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Jean-Hugues Anglade


The actor Jean-Hugues Anglade begann his film career at the end of the 70's with the movies "Un comique né" (77) and "L'affaire Crozet" (79).

He became a star in the 80's where he soon was described as a romantic lover.
First he took part in productions like "La Colombe du Luxembourg" (80), "L'indiscrétion" (82) and "La diagonale du fou" (84) before he had a succès d'estime with "Subway" (85) and his breakthrough with "37°2 le matin - Betty Blue - 37,2 Grad am Morgen" (86).

But his appearances in front of the camera kept rare in the next years but his selection of roles distinguished always by quality.
To his well-known movies of the 90's belong "Nikita" (90), "La reine Margot - Die Bartholomäusnacht" (94), "Killing Zoe" (94), "Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud" (95), "Maximum Risk" (96) and "Tonka" (97) - where was also responsible for the script and direction.

To his recent cinematically works belong "Le prof" (00), "Mortel transfer" (01), "Sueurs" (02), "Taking Lives" (04) and "Kein Himmel über Afrika" (04).

Jean-Hugues Anglade was nominated five times for the César and won it in 1995.

Other movies with Jean-Hugues Anglade: 
La peau de chagrin (80) La randonnée (81) L'homme blessé (83) Par ordre du Roy (83) Les loups entre eux (85) Maladie d'amour (87) Nocturne indien (89) Nuit d'été en ville (90) Gawin (91) La domenica specialmente: Le chiese di legno (91) Les marmottes (93) Jona che visse nella balena (94) Dis-moi oui... (95) Les menteurs (96) Le affinità elettive (96) Dark Summer (99) En face (00) Princesses (00) Il piu bel giorno della mia vita (02) Serie "The Sopranos: Everybody Hurts" (02) Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches (03) Il est plus facile pour un chameau... (03)