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Foto: Siegmund Labisch (1863-1942)

1909 - 1996

The actress Annabella was born as Suzanne Georgette Charpentier in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
When she was engaged by director Abel Gance for the monumental film "Napoléon" (27) at the age of 16 this marked the beginning of an interesting career which led Annabella to the USA in later years.

After other silent movies like "Maldone" (28) and "Trois jeunes filles nues" (29) she became a French film star in the 30's. She was convincing in productions like "Le million" (31), "Un fils d'Amérique" (32), "Quatorze Juillet" (33), "La bataille" (33), "Napoléon Bonaparte" (34), "Varieté" (35), "Anne-Marie" (36), "La citadelle du silence" (37), "Suez" (38) and "Hôtel du Nord" (38).

Annabella shifted her career visibly to the USA from 1937 and in 1939 she got married with the actor Tyrone Power. In the USA she appeared in movies like "The Baroness and the Butler" (38), "Bridal Suite" (39) and "Bomber's Moon" (43) before she returned to France after World War II.

To her last movies belong "Eternel conflit" (47), "Don Juan" (50) and "Bonaparte et la révolution" (71).

Annabella was also married with the actor Jean Murat.

Other movies with Annabella: 
La barcarolle d'amour (29) Romance à l'inconnue (30) La maison de la flèche (30) Deux fois vingt ans (30) Un soir de rafle (31) Son altesse l'amour (31) Autour d'une enquête (31) Paris-Méditerranée (32) Tavaszi zapor (32) Marie, légende hongroise (32) Sonnenstrahl (33) Mademoiselle Josette, ma femme (33) Gardez le sourire (33) Les nuits moscovites (34) Caravane (34) Veille d'armes (35) La bandera (35) L'équipage (35) Wings of the Morning (37) Under the Red Robe (37) Dinner at the Ritz (37) Tonight We Reid Calais (43) 13 Rue Madeleine (47) Dernier amour (49) L'homme qui revient de loin (49) Quema el suelo (52) Serie "Suspense: Diamonds in the Sky" (54)