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Jean-Jacques Annaud


The director Jean-Jacques Annaud didn't realise many pictures in his 30-year film career but the productions he captured on the big screen distinguishes by quality. His subjects are so unusual as well as fascinating that his name stands for the exceptional cinema event.

Jean-Jacques Annaud learnt his craft as a director of countless promotional films he shot at the end of the 60's, at the beginning of the 70's.
After that he turn towards the feature film and his first direction "Noirs et blancs en couleur - Sehnsucht nach Afrika" (76) already excited attention and was awarded with the Oscar for the best foreign movie.

His next movie was the comedy "Coup de tête - Damit ist die Sache für mich erledigt" (76) with Patrick Dewaere, after that followed the worldwide successful "La guerre du feu - Am Anfang war das Feuer" (81), with which he burned himself to the coinciousness of the audience.

Five years later he directed his next international success with "Der Name der Rose" (86), a film with wonderful pictures and odd figures, a film in which spread out a mysterious mood and seized the audience.

In 1988 Jean-Jacques Annaud dared to tackle a filming where animals played the leading role. "L'ours - Der Bär" fascinated with the story and the guidance of the animal actors.

Jean-Jacques Annaud chose a complete other directions with the movies "L'amant" (92) - a filming after a novel by Marguerite Duras, "Wings ouf Courage" (95) - where Annaud told the story of a pilot who has to return to the civilisation by foot after a crash, "Seven Years in Tibet" (97) with Brad Pitt and the duell of the snipers during World War II in the movie "Enemy at the Gates" (01) with Jude Law and Ed Harris.

In his last work he returned again to the world of the animal. This time staged the adventure of two tigers and reach a huge audience again with "Deux frères - Zwei Brüder" (04).

The qualitiy of Jean-Jacques Annaud's movies shows the awards with a César. He got the César in 1982, 1985, 1987 and 1989, moreover he was also nominated for three more Césars in 1989 and 1993.

Other movies from Jean-Jacques Annaud (Writer): 
Noirs et blancs en couleur (76) Je suis timide...mais je me soigne (78) L'amant (92) Wings of Courage (95) Running Free (99) Enemy at the Gates (01) Deux frères (04)

Wings of Courage (95) Seven Years in Tibet (97) Running Free (99) Enemy at the Gates (01) Deux frères (04)