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Cécile Aubry

1928 - 2010

The actress Cécile Aubry was born as Anne-Marie-José Bénard in Paris. She was only active as an actress for a brief time but took part in some well-known productions.

Her first movie "Manon" came in 1949 into being with which she has a huge success.
Still she only appeared seldom in front of the camera in the 50's, so in "The Black Rose" (50), "Barbe-Bleue - Blaubart" (51), "Piovuto dal cielo" (53), "Tanz in der Sonne" (54) and "La ironia del dinero" (59).

After that she retired from the film business and was active as an author. She realised some of her books as a director and screen writer for TV, among them the serial "Poly" (61), the serial "Belle et Sébastien" (65) and the serial "Le jeune Fabre" (73).

Other movies from Cécile Aubry (Writer):
Serie "Meiken Jolie" (81) Encontro em Lisboa (90)