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Jacques Audiard


The director and screen writer was born as the son of Michel Audiard who was a director and screen writer too. 

But before Jacques Audiard conquered the film business he studied literature and philosophy at the University of Sorbonne in Paris. 

His plan to become a teacher became abandoned when he worked as a trainee for a cutter and on this way he came in touch with the film business. Already in 1974 he wrote his first script for "Bons baisers…à lundi" (74) but his real career as a screen writer started in the 80s.  

At the same time he was also interested into the theater and wrote some adaptions for the stage. 
This activity led him back to the film again and his script for marked the breakthrough in the French film. 

In the next years he wrote other scripts like "Mortelle randonnéé" (83) with Isabelle Adjani and Michel Serrault, "Réveillon chez Bob" (84), *Saxo" (87), "Fréquence meurtre" (88) and "Australia" (89).

Jacques Audiard is active as a screen writer till today, to his latest works belong "Grosse fatigue" (94), "Un héros très discret" (96), "Sur mes lèvres" (01), "De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté" (05) and "Un prophéte" (09).

Already in the early 90s he realised some short movies as a director and with "Regarde les hommes tomber" (94) he also became established as a director for the French film.

In den next years he realised movies like "Un héros très discret" (96), "Norme française" (98), "Su mes lèvres" (01), "De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté" (05) and "Un prophète" (09) as a director.

Besides his activity as a screen writer and director he also impersonated few minor roles in productions like "Baby Blood" (90), "Les enfants de la plage" (91) and "Grossesse nerveuse" (93).

Among his numerous awards Jacques Audiard got a César in the years 1995 and 2002 and even three Césars in 2006. 

Other movies from Jacques Audiard (writer): 
Serie "Série noire: L'ennemi public no 2" (84) Sac de noeuds (85) Poussière d'ange (87) Baxter (89) Swing troubadour (91) Confessions d'un Barjo (92) Regarde les hommes tomber (94) Norme française (98) Vénus beauté (institut) (99)