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Charles Aznavour

1924 - 2018

The actor and singer Charles Aznavour was born as Shahnour Varenagh Aznavurjian in Paris. Although he took part in over 70 movies during his career his greatest fame is based on his activity as a chansonnier.

Already as a child he made his entrance at the theater and sang in cafés in order to support his family who lived ind poor conditions.
During World War II he composed his first songs for well-known artists like Maurice Chevalier and Edith Piaf and he also played first small parts in movies of the 30's, for example "La guerre des gosses" (36) and "Les disparus de Saint-Agil" (38).

After the war he first launched a career as a singer which made him famous. Especially Edith Piaf supported the young Aznavour and helped him to start his career.
In 1954 he managed his breakthrough at "Moulin Rouge" and one year later he sang his first hit called "Sur ma vie", several more followed.

His breakthrough in the film business was delayed. First he played other small roles in movies like "Adieu chérie" (46) and "Une gosse sensass'" (57), but when he was engaged by François Truffaut for the movie "Tirez sur le pianiste - Schiessen Sie auf den Pianisten" (60) this marked the beginning of a second great career.
He worked together with many famous directors in the next years and appeared in well-known movies like "Le passage du Rhin - Jenseits des Rheins" (60), "Le diable et les dix commandements" (62), "Caroline chérie" (68) and "Candy" (68).

His film career expanded on the international scene from the 70's. To his mos popular movies of those years belong "The Adventurers" (70), "Un beau monstre" (70), "Folies bourgeoises - Die verrückten Reichen" (76), "Die Blechtrommel" (79), "Der Zauberberg" (82), "Les fantômes du chapelier - Die Fantome des Hutmachers" (82), "Viva la vie!" (84) and "Il maestro - Das Geheimnis des Dirigenten" (89).

To his latest cinematical works belong "Laura" (95), "Le comédien" (97), "Angelina" (02), "Ararat" (02) and "Emmenez-moi" (04).

Charles Aznavour has written more than 1000 songs.
In 1997 he was awarded with the Honorary César for his lifework.

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Gosse de Paris (61) Les intrus (72) Yiddish Connection (86)