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Jean-Marc Barr


The actor Jean-Marc Barr became famous with his role in "Le grand bleu - Im Rausch der Tiefe" (88).

But till he knew that the profession of an actor would be his fulfillment it took some time. After a brief time as a priest student he changed to the Air Force Academy where his father performed a high postition.
Because this metier didn't suit him he found out his interest for acting.
It followed first appearances with a theater group in England.
He gained a foothold in the film business with small roles from the middle of the 80's, to his first movies belong "The Frog Prince" (84), "King David" (85) and "Hope and Glory" (87).

When he was engaged by director Luc Besson at Jean Reno's side in "Le grand bleu" this marked the breakthrough. Jean-Marc became a star and teenie idol over night - an effect he notices with suspicion.
Therefore he decided not to take part in other movies for the present and turned to the theater again.

Only in 1991 he decided to make a comeback and he acted in Lars von Trier's movie "Europa" (91). Together with von Trier he also made the movies "Breaking the Waves" (96), "Dancer in the Dark" (00), "Dogville" (03) and "Manderley" (05).
Other well-known movies with Jean-Marc Barr are "La peste - Die Pest" (92), "Le fils préféré - Der Lieblingssohn" (94), "Les infidèles" (97), "Too Much Flesh" (00), "Le divorce" (03) and "Without Love" (04).

Besides his activity as an actor he also wrote some scripts and directed some movies.
He was nominated for a César for his role in "Le grand bleu" (88).

Other movies with Jean-Marc Barr:
Going for the Gold: The Bill Johnson Story (85) Hotel du Lac (86) Le brasier - Höllenglut (91) Les faussaires (94) Iron Horsemen (95) Marciando nel buio (95) Lifeline (96) Mo' (96) L'échappée belle (96) The Scarlet Tunic (98) Préférence (98) Folle d'elle (98) Ca ne se refuse pas (98) J'aimerais pas crever un dimanche (98) St. Ives (99) The Best of Blur (00) Being Light (01) Les fils de Marie (02) La sirène rouge (02) Saltimbank (03) Les clefs de bagnole (03) CQ2 (Seek You Too) (04) Coquillages et crustacés (05)

Lovers (99) Too Much Flesh (00) Being Light (01) Without Love (04)

Lovers (99) Too Much Flesh (00) Being Light (01) Without Love (04)

Lovers (99) Too Much Flesh (00) Being Light (01) Without Love (04)