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Marie Bell

1900 - 1985

The actress Marie Bell was born as Marie-Jeanne Bellon-Downey. After the conservatory of Paris she became a member of the Comedie Française. 

She made her film debut in 1924 with "Paris" (24), at the end of the 20's followed the productions "Madame Récamier" (28) and "Figaro" (29).

The climax of ther cinematical career followed in the 30's and she took part in "La folle aventure" (31), "Fedora" (34), "Le grand jeu" (34), "La tentation" (36), "Un carnet de bal" (37) and "La charrette fantôme" (39).

Afterwards she only appeared sporadically in front of the camera and concentrated again to the theater where she not only worked as an actress but also was the director of the Théâtre du Gmynase.
To her last cinematical works in the following decades belong among others "Vie privée" (42), "Il gattopardo" (63), "Hotel Paradiso" (66), "Les volets clos" (73) and "Ne coupez pas mes arbres" (75).

Marie Bell was married with the actor Jean Chevrier. For her work in the French Resistance she was awarded the Legion of Honor.

Other movies with Marie Bell: 
La valse de l'adieu (28) L'homme qui assassina (30) La nuit est à nous (30) Le joker (31) La chance (31) Caprice de princesse (33) L'homme à l'Hispano (33) Poliche (34) Le roman d'un jeune homme pauvre (35) Pantins d'amour (36) Fiordalisi d'oro (36) La garçonne (36) Sous la terreur (36) Quand minuit sonnera (36) Les demi vierges (36) Blanchette (37) Légions d'honneur (38) La glu (38) Noix de coco (39) Ceux du ciel (41) Le colonel Chabert (43) La bonne soupe (64) Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa… (65) Phèdre (68)