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Jeanne Boitel

1904 - 1987

The actress Jeanne Boitel conquered the French screen at the beginning of the 30's. To her first movies belong "Un soir, au front" (31), "L'aiglon" (31), "Le petit écart" (32) and "Chotard et Cie" (32).

In the next years followed roles in well-known productions like "Remous" (33), "Casanova" (34), "Rosmarin" (36), "Femmes" (36), "Le mariage de Verena" (38) and "Une main a frappé" (39).

After that followed an interruption of 15 years and she concentrated on the theater. Only in 1954 she made her comeback with "Si Versailles m'était conté" (54), other movies were "Si Paris nous était conté" (55), "Napoléon" (55), "Marie-Antoinette reine de France" (56) and "Bonjour jeunesse" (57).

Her last appearance in front of the camera was for the TV serial "Le neveu d'Amérique (73).

For her participation in the Resistance during the German occupation she was awarded with the Iron Cross and was admitted to the Legion of Honour.

Other movies with  Jeanne Boitel:
Un coup de téléphone (31) Si tu veux (32) Mauri des Maures (32) Conduisez-moi, Madame (32) Ah! Quelle gare! (32) 
Trois pour cent (33) Son autre amour (33) Le grillon du foyer (33) Famille nombreuse (34) Les dieux s'amusent (35) Les hommes de proie (37) Remontons les Champs-Elysées (38) Petite peste (38) Ceux de demain (38) Maigret tend un piège (58)