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Sandrine Bonnaire


Sandrine Bonnaire belongs to that young generation of actresses who reminds to former character players. They attested her early to become an important actress in the near future and she confirmed this impressively in the last years.

Sandrine Bonnaire grew up with ten siblings and learnt at an early age to have her way. Already as a teenager she appeared in movies like „Les sous-doués en vacances“ (81), „La Boum 2“ (82), „A nos amours“ (83) - for which she was awarded with a César for the best up-and-coming young actress - and „Blanche et Marie“ (84) before she filled the film world with enthusiasm with „Sans toit ni loi - Vogelfrei“ (85). 

The directors made out the talent of the young Sandrine Bonnaire and obligate her for the movies „La puritaine“ (86) - at Michel Piccoli's side, „Sous le soleil de Satan - Unter der Sonne Satans“ (87), „Les innocents - Die Unschuldigen“ (87) and „Monsieur Hire“ (89).

Sandrine Bonnaire was soon regarded as one of the most exciting women of the French film together with Juliette Binoche. Her performance on the big screen always conveyed something mysterious, irritating.

She changed to a mature woman in the 90's who once appeared insecure, one heroic. She took successful part in the productions „La peste“ (92), „Der Himmel über Paris“ (92), „Jeanne la Pucelle - Johanna von Orleans“ (94), „La cérémonie - Biester“ (95) - an impressive role as a illitarete and murderer, "Die Schuld der Liebe“ (97), „Secret défense - Geheimsache“ (98), „Mademoiselle“ (01) and „Resistance" (03).

Sandrine Bonnaire has a daughter from her relationship with the actor William Hurt and is married with the writer Guillaume Laurant.

Other movies with Sandrine Bonnaire: 
Tir à vue (84) Le meilleur de la vie (85) Police (85) Jaune revolver (87) Quelques jours avec moi (88) Peauc de vaches (88) La captive du désert (90) La bonne âme du Setchouan (90) Verso sera (91) Le ciel de Paris (91) Prague (92) Ispoved neznakomtsu (94) Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinéma (95) Never Ever (96) Serie "Une femme en blanc" (97) Die Schuld der Liebe (97) La lettre (97) Voleur de vie (98) Au coeur du mensonge (99) Est - Ouest (99) C'est la vie (01) Femme Fatale (02) Serie"La maison des enfants" (03) Confidences trop intimes (04) L'équipier (04)