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Victor Boucher

Zeichnung: Emil Stumpp (1886-1941)

1877 - 1942

The actor Victor Boucher joined the film business very early and took part in a movie called "La petite chocolatière" (13) for the first time. One year later follwed the movie "L'idée de Françoise" (14),  afterwards followed a longer interruption and he concentrated again to the theater. 
Only with the rise of the sound film he appeared again in front of the camera and he impersonated support roles in productions like "La douceur d'aimer" (30), "Le sexe faible" (33), "La banque Nemo" (34), "Bichon" (36), "Le train pour Venise" (38) and "Le bois sacré" (39).
Victor Boucher remained busy in the film business till to his death, his last cinematical works are "Parade en 7 nuits" (41) directed by Marc Allegret and "Ce n'est pas moi" (41).

Other movies with Victor Boucher: 
Gagne ta vie (31) Les vignes du seigneur (32) Votre sourire (34) L'amant de Madame Vidal (36) Faisons un rêve... (36) Chipée (37) L'habit vert (37) Ils étaient neuf célibataires (39)