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Martine Carol

1920 - 1967

The actress Martine Carol was born as Maryse Louise Mourer. From the 40's she became a very busy filmstar. She became especially famous with the movies directed by her husband Christian-Jaque

After some effort at the theater she made her film debut in 1941. To her first movies belong "Les corrupteurs" (41), "La femme aux loups" (43), "Trente et quarante" (45), "Miroir" (47) and "Les amants de Vérone" (49).

In the 50's followed the height of her career and Martine Carol became the biggest crowd-puller of the French cinema where she also was convincing in serious roles. To her most popular movies of that decade belong „Les belles de nuit - Die Schönen der Nacht“ (52), "Lucrèce Borgia" (53), "Madame du Barry" (54), „Lola Montez“ (55), "Around the World in Eighty Days" (56) and "Nathalie" (57).

But with the rise of Brigitte Bardot her reputation as a sex symbol was outshined, her career came soon to an end in the 60's.
To her last movies belong "Austerlitz" (60), "Vanina Vanini" (61) and "Hell Is Empty" (66).

The private life of Martine Carol was very turbulent. in 1947 she attempted suicide by jumping from a bridge into the Seine. 
She was married four times.
In 1967 she died unexpected of a heart attack.

Other movies with Martine Carol: 
Le dernier des six (41) Les inconnus dans la maison (42) Bifur 3 (45) L'extravagante mission (45) En êtes-vous bien sûr? (46) Carré de valets (47) Voyage surprise (47) La fleur de l'âge (47) Les souvenirs ne sont pas à vendre (48) Une nuit de noces (49) Je n'aime que toi (49) Méfiez-vous des blondes (50) Caroline chérie (50) Le désir et l'amour (52) Adorables créatures (52) Un caprice de Caroline chérie (53) Destinées (54) La spiaggia (54) Il letto (54) Nana (55) Les carnets du Major Thompson (55) Difendo il mio amore (56) Action of the Tiger (57) The Stowaway (58) La prima notte (59) Ten Seconds to Hell (59) Nathalie, agent secret (59) La française et l'amour (60) Un soir sur la plage (61) Le cave se rebiffe (61) En plein cirage (62) I Dongiovanni della Costa Azzurra (62)