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Vincent Cassel


The actor Vincent Cassel was born as the son of the famous singer and actor Jean-Pierre Cassel.
Despite the huge shadow of his father Vincent Cassel managed to step out of it and since the 90's he is a celebrated movie star.

He made his film debut with the TV serial "La bella Anglaise" (88), it followed the movies "Les cigognes n'en font qu'à leur tête" (89) and "Les clés du paradis" (91). 

He impersonated his first bigger role in "Métisse" (93), directed by Mathieu Kassowitz with whom he made several movies in the next years. With these movies he established his rise to a demanded actor.
In the next years followed movies like "Elle voulait faire quelque chose" (94), "Valse nocturne" (95), his first leading role in "La haine - Hass" (95) which made him also famous behind the border, "L'appartement" (96), "Dobermann" (97), "Compromis" (98) and "Elizabeth" (98).

The final breakthrough in Europe came at Jean Reno's side with "Les rivières pourpres - Die purpurnen Flüsse" (00). It followed engagements for "La pacte des loups" (01), "Birthday Girl" (01) with Nicole Kidman, "Irréversible" (02), "The Reckoning" (03), "Blueberry" (04) and "Ocean's Twelve" (04).

Vincent Cassel is married with the actress Monica Bellucci and they also acted together in some movies.

Other movies with Vincent Cassel: 
Les dessous de la passion (91) Hot Chocolate (92) Serie "Warburg: A Man of Influence" (92) Dose mortelle (93) Serie "Le juge est une femme: Danse avec la mort" (94) 3000 scénarios contre un virus: La teuf d'enfer" (94) Soif d'en sortir (95) Ainsi soient-elles (95) Serie "Aventures dans le Grand Nord: Le sang du chasseur" (95) Jefferson in Paris (95) Adultèrê, mode d'emploi (95) L'élève (96) Come mi vuoi (97) Le plaisir (et ses petits tracas) (98) Méditerranées (99) Guest House Paradiso (99) The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (99) Sur mes lèvres (01) La barbichette (02) Les clefs de bagnole (03) Agents secrets (04) Derailed (05) Sheitan (06) 

Shabbat Night Fever (97) Irréversible (02) Sheitan (06) 

Director & Writer: 
Shabbat Night Fever (97)