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Maurice Chevalier

Foto: Lucien Walery (1863-1935)

1888 - 1972

The singer and actor Maurice Chevalier was epitome of the French charm. He began as an acrobat and turned to the singing after a serious accident. He made his film debut already in 1908 in "Trop crédules", it followed other French productions like "Par habitude" (11), "La valse renversante" (14) and "Une soirée mondaine" (17).

He served in World War I and came into a German prison camp. There he learnt the English language from fellow-prisoners which was very important for his later career.

After the war he had unexpected success in Paris and had countless appearances at Pariser music halls. Beside it he took part in two more movies - "Gonzague" (22) and "Par habitude" (23).

Maurice Chevalier went to the USA in 1928 where he soon acted for Paramount in movies tailored to him. He was nominated for an Oscar for his part in Ernst Lubitsch's "The Love Parade" (29) and for his role in "The Big Pond" (30) he was nominated for the second time.

In the next years he took part in the movies "The Smiling Lieutenant" (31), "One Hour With You" (32) and "Love Me Tonight" (32), which marked the height of Chevalier's career.
The following movies "A Bedtime Story" (33), "The Way to Love" (33) and "The Merry Widow" (34) couldn't go on from earlier successes and Maurice Chevalier returned to Europe, where he appeared in English and French productions like "The Beloved Vagabond" (36), "Man of the Hour" (37) and "Break the News" (38). 

His career reached a deadlock with the outbreak of World War II. After the war he was confronted with reproaches that he had been a Nazi collaborator. These reproaches were wrong and he became rehabilitated. 
He acted in Europe in the movies "Le silence est d'or" (47), "Le roi" (50) and "J'avais sept filles" (54) before he returned to the USA in the 50's and witnessed the last golden years of the musicals. He had a great comeback there and could bewitch the audience with movies like "Love in the Afternoon" (57), "Gigi" (58), "Can-Can" (60), "Pepe" (60), "Fanny" (61) and "I'd Rather Be Rich" (64).

Maurice Chavaliers lifework was crowned with the Honorary Award in 1958.

Other movies with Maurice Chevalier:
Une mariée qui se fait attendre (11) La mariée récalcitrante (11) Le mauvais garçon (22) Innocents of Paris (29) La grande mare (30) The Playboy of Paris (30) Le petit café (31) Une heure près de toi (32) L'amour guide (33) La veuve joyeuse (34) Folies-Bergère (36) Le Vagabond bien aimé (36) L'homme du jour (36) Avec le sourire (36) Pièges (39) Ma pomme (50) Schlagerparade (53) Cento anni d'amore (54) A Private Little Party for a Few Chums (57) Count Your Blessings (59) A Breath of Scandal (60) Jessica (62) In Search of the Castaways (62) Panic Button (64) Monkeys, Go Home! (67)