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Marion Cotillard


The actress Marion Cotillard was born into an acting family, her father ist the actor Jean-Claude Cotillard and her mother the actress Niseema Thiellaud.

She already made first stage experiences as a child under the direction of her father. Later she studied drama at the Convervatory d'Art Dramatique in Orléans.

She made her film debut in 1993 with an episode of the serial "Highlander: Nowhere to Run" (93), one year later followed her first motion picture with "L'histoire du garçon qui voulat qu'on l'embrasse" (94).

In the next years she took part in "Chloé" (96) and "La belle verte" (96), before she had her first international success with "Taxi" (98).

Still her popularity was confined to France by the majority but this changed soon. 
The impressive actress impersonated roles in the productions "Du blue jusqu'en Amérique" (99), "Taxi 2" (00), "Boomer" (01), "Lisa" (01), "Une affaire privée" (02), her firts big American production "Big Fish" (03), "Innocence" (04), "Toi et moi" (06), "A Good Year" (06) before she became a world star with her role as Edith Piaf in the French movie "La môme" (07). 
She was awarded with the Oscar for this role and was at the same time only the second actress who was able to win an Oscar for a non-English-spoken movie (after Sophia Loren in 1962). Other awards followed. 

Afterwards she got a lot of offers and she appeared regular in French as well as in American movies. 

To her latest cinematical works belong "Public Enemies" (09) and "Nine" (09).

Her brother Guillaume Cotillard ist a screen writer and director.

Other movies with Marion Cotillard: 
Serie "Extrême llimite: La pistonnée" (94) Snuff Movie (95) Serie "Théo la tendresse: La nouvelle de la semaine" (96) Comment je me suis disputé…(ma vie sexuelle) (96) Serie "L'@mour est à réinventer: La mouette" (96) Interdit de vieillir (98) La guerre dans la Haut Pays (99) Furia (99) L'appel de la cave (99) Quelques jours de trop (00) Le marquis (00) Heureuse (01) Serie "Les redoutables: Doggy dog" (01) Une femme piégée (01) Les jolies choses (01) Taxi 3 (03) Jeux d'entants (03) Un long dimanche de fiançailles (04) Cavalcade (05) Edy (05) Ma vie en l'air (05) Mary (05) Sauf le respect que je vous dois (05) La boîte noire (05) Dikkenek (06) Fair Play (06) Le dernier vol de Lancaster (09)