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Béatrice Dalle


The actress Béatrice Dalle was born as Béatrice Cabarrou in Brest.
When she made her film debut in 1986 with "37°2 le matin" (86) she became famous in the French film world in no time. She even was nominated for the César.

In the next years followed special roles times and again, which were brilliant impersonated by Béatrice Dalle. 
To her well-known movies belong "La visione del Sabba" (88), "Chimère" (89), "La vengeance d'une femme" (90), "Night on Earth" (91), "La fille de l'air" (92), "Désiré" (96), "The Blackout" (97) and "Toni" (99).

To her latest cinematical works belong "Trouble Every Day" (01), "Les oreilles sur le dos" (02), "Vendetta" (03) and "Clean" (04).

The sometimes unbridled characters she played were also reflected in her real life. There were headlines about her life time and again, one time because of an attack against a woman traffic warden, another time because of a condemnation in Miami because of cocaine possession.

Other movies with Béatrice Dalle: 
On a volé Charlie Spencer! (86) Les bois noirs (89) A-ha: Headlines and Deadllines - The Hits of A-ha (91) La belle histoire (92) J'ai pas sommeil (94) A la folie (94) Clubbed to Death (96) Al limite (97) La vérité vraie (00) H Story (01) 17 fois Cécile Cassard (02) Le temps du loup (03) Process (04)