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Jacqueline Delubac

1907 - 1997

The actress Jacqueline Delubac was born as Isabelle Jacqueline Basset in Lyon.

She got dancing and singing lessond ahd in 1928 she made her stage debut. She was very successful at the theater in the 30s and she became a symbol of the "Parisian of today" because of her fashionable dressed appearances. Numerous pictures of her decorated many magazines.

Significant was her encounter with Sacha Guitry whom she met in 1931. Henceforth they often worked together on stage. They got married in 1935 and the marriage lasted till 1940.

Jacquline Delubac was also successful in the film business of the 30s and she took part in the productions "Chérie" (30), "Marions-nous" (31), "Topaze" (33), "Le roman d'un tricheur" (36), "Désiré" (37), "Quadrille" (38), "Jeunes filles en détresse" (39) and "Dernière jeunesse" (39).
To many of these movies also belonged film versions by Sacha Guitry who also acted in front of the camera with her.

She continued her film career in the 40s and remained active till 1951.
To her last cinematical works belong "La comédie du bonheur" (40), "Volpone" (41), "J'ai dix-sept ans" (45), "Le furet" (50), "La vie est un jeu" (51) and "Les mousquetaires du roi" (51).

Afterwards she retired from film and theater and dedicated to the art of the 20th century. She became a well-known art collector which contained important works. Most of the collection went to the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon after her death.

Other movies with Jacqueline Delubac:
Une brune piquante (32) Bonne chance! (35) Le nouveau testament (36) Mon père avait raison (36) Faisons un rêve... (36) Les perles de la couronne (37) Le mot de Cambronne (37) L'accroche-coeur (38) Remontons les Champs-Elysées (38) Ultima giovinezza (39) L'homme qui cherche la vérité (40) Le collier de chanvre (40) Ecco la felilcita (40) Fièvres (42)