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Claire Denis


The director and writer Claire Denis grew up in Colonial Africa. First she studied economics but was not very happy with this topic. So she turned towards the IDHEC, the French film school Institut des Hautes-Etudes Cinématographique in Paris.
After the study she made first professional experiences as an assistent of well-known directors like Jacques Rivette, Costa-Gavras, Wim Wender and Jim Jarmusch.
In 1988 she realised her first own movie as a director and made her debut with "Chocolat" (88), which was judged complaisant by the critics.
She soon became established as a talented director in the next years who also wrote the script for most of her movies.
To her well-known movies of the 90s belong "Keep It for Yourself" (91), "Boom-Boom" (94), "Nénette et Boni" (96) - for which won the Golden Leopard and "Beau travail" (99).
To her lastest works as a director belong "Trouble Every Day" (01), "Ten Minutes Older: The Cello: Vers Nancy" (02), "35 rhums" (08) and "White Material" (09).
Beside it she was also active as a band leader and for some movies she even appeared as an actress in front of the camera like "Mais où et donc Ornicar" (79), "En avoir (ou pas)" (95), "Le jour de Noël" (98) and "Vénus beauté (institut)" (99).
To Claire Denis' fabored staff belong the cinematographer Agnes Godard, the writer Jean-Pol Fargeau and the actors Grégoire Colin and Vincent Gallo.

Other movies from Claire Denis:
Man No Run (89) Serie "Cinéma, de notre temps: Jacques Rivette – Le veilleur" (90) S'en fout la mort (90) Contre l'oubli: Pour Ushari Ahmed Mahmoud,, Soudan (91) Serie "Monologues: La robe à cerceau" (93) J'ai pas sommeil (94) Serie "Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge...: Us Go Home" (94) A propos de Nice, la suite: Nice, Very Nice (95) Vendredi soir (02) L'intrus (04) Vers Mathile (05)

Chocolat (88) S'en fout la mort (90) Keep It for Yourself (91) Serie "Monologues: La robe à cerceau" (93) Boom-Boom (94) J'ai pas sommeil (94) Serie "Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge...: Us Go Home" (94) Nénette et Boni (96) El Medina (99) Beau travail (99) Trouble Every Day (01) Vendredi soir (02) Ten Minutes Older: The Cello: Vers Nancy (02) L'intrus (04) 35 rhums (08) White Material (09)