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Roger Duchesne

1906 - 1996

The actor Roger Duchesne was born as Roger Jordaens in Luxeuil-les-Bains.
He was able to gain a foothold in the film business from the middle of the 30s and he impersonated numerous roles in the next years, among them "Vers l'abime" (34), "Fanfare d'amour" (35), "Le golem" (36), "Tarass Boulba" (36), "Le tigre du Bengale" (38), "Gibraltar" (38), "Conflit" (38) and "Rappel immédiat" (39).
Till the end of World War II followed many other productions with "Montmartre-sur-Seine" (41), "Le moussaillon" (42), "La femme perdue" (42), "Le mistral" (43) and "Adrien" (43).
After the retreat of the German occupying force from Paris the actor Roger Duchesne was arrested on September 27, 1944 and accused of collaboration with the Gestapo.
Thereby his film career was disrupted, only in the 50s he returned to the big screen with two more movies called "Bob le flambeur" (56) and "Marchands de filles" (57).
Roger Duchesne was married with the actress Yvette Lebon.

Other movies with Roger Duchesne: 
Les loups entre eux (36) Sept hommes, une femme (36) Le roman d'un tricheur (36) Messieurs les ronds de cuir (37) L'ange du foyer (37) Prison sans barreaux (38) Tempête sur l'Asie (38) Le tombeau hindou (38) La brigade sauvage (39) Le monde tremblera (40) Nadia la femme traquée (42) Cartacalha, reine des gitans (42) L'ange gardien (42) L'auberge de l'abime (43) Jeannou (43)