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Déborah Francois


The actress Déborah François grew up in Belgium where she already made first acting experiences at the age of 5 when she impersonated Snow White on stage. 

Later she attended some theater lessons and finally she was spotted by the directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Daredenne for the film business.
For them she impersonated the leading role in the production "L'enfant" (05) and she achieved her first great success with her performance and was nominated for the César for the most promising actress.
With her next movie "La tourneuse de pages" (06) she was able to confirm her former success in an impressive way and was again nominated for a César for the most promising actress. 

In the next years she took successfully part in the movies "L'été indien" (07), "Les femmes de l'ombre" (08) with Sophie Marceau, "Le premier jour du reste de ta vie" (08), for which she finally got the César for the most promising actress, "My Queen Karo" (09) and "Mes chères études" (10).

Other movies with Déborah Francois:
Les fourmis rouges (07) Dobais et fils (07) Unmade Beds (09) Fais-moi plaisir! (09)