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Josseline Gael

1917 - 1995

The actress Josseline Gael was born as Jeannine Augustine Jeanne Blanleuil in Paris.

She already made her first appearance in a silent movie as an infant in "Un million dans une main d'enfant" (21), it followed the movies "Le stigmate" (24) - a film serial directed by Louis Feuillade - and "Simone" (27).
She also asserted hersef as a teenager in the rising sound film of the 30s. After an education in ballet dancing and acting she also travelled to Berlin where she shot German-speaking movies of her French productions. She appeared among others in the movies "Une femme a menti" (30), "Les amours de minuit" (31), "Tout ça ne vaut pas l'amour" (31) with a young Jean Gabin, "Le monsieur de minuit" (31), "Monsieur de Pourceaugnac" (32), "Les misérables" (34), "Monsieur Sans-Gêne" (35) and "Le bossu" (35).

The transition from youth to adult was no problem and she was able to continue her cinematical career till to the end of World War II. 

Under the direction of many well-known directors she played at the side of many French movie stars. To her productions of those years belong "Monsieur Personne" (36), "Un déjeuner de soleil" (37), "Barnabé" (38), "Son oncle de Mormandie" (39), "Chambre 13" (42), the impressive horror picture "La main du diable" (43), "Le soleil de minuit" (43) and "Coup de tête" (44).

In her private life she met the actor Jules Berry who was 34 years older than herself. They got married and had a daughter.
During her marriage she started seeing the notorious criminal and collaborator Antonin Saunier who belonged to the Bande Rouge which also committed murders for the French Gestapo.

They lived in luxury during the misery of World War II.

But when France became free again in 1944 the reality came back to their lifes. Saunier was executed in 1946 and Josseline Gael was sentenced to prison. 
Her future ex-husband Jules Berry testfied for her during the trial which perhaps protected her from the death penalty.
But she was banned from working and she also lost her civil rights of a French citizen. Finally she fell into oblivion in public.

Shen she died in 1995 at the age of 88 in the old-age home "Saint-Michel d'Entraygues" no one there knew something about her former glorious past.

Other movies with Josseline Gael: 
L'amour chante (30) Mitternachtsliebe (31) Baleydier (32) Pour un sou d'amour (32) Coeurs joyeux (32) Tambour battant (33) L'abbé Constantin (33) Un homme en or (34) Pluie d'or (35) Le monde où l'on s'ennuie (35) Jeunes filles à marier (35) La madone de l'atlantique (36) L'enfant du Danube (36) Un scandale aux galeries (37) Puits en flammes (37) Ma petite marquise (37) Les deux combinards (38) Le monsieur de 5 heures (38) Les femmes collantes (38) Le plus beau gosse de France (38) Remontons les Champs-Elysées (38) Grand-père (39) Face au destin (40) L'an 40 (41) La neige sur les pas (42) Une vie de chien (43) Un chapeau de paille d'Italie (44) L'île d'amour (44)