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Charlotte Gainsbourg


The actress Charlotte Gainsbourg was born into an artistic family. Her mother was the famous actress Jane Birkin, her father the no less famous composer Serge Gainsbourg. Moreover she is also related to the US filmcomposer John Barry over two corners who is also the father of her half-sister Kate Barry.

Thanks the surroundings of her parents she already came in contact with the filmbusiness as child and she made her film debut with "Paroles et musique - Duett zu dritt" (84). Other movies were "La tentation d'Isabelle" (85) and "L'effrontée - Das freche Mädchen" (85) - for which she was awarded with a César as promising up-and-coming young actress.

Charlotte Gainsbourg did thoroughly justice to this expectation in the next years. Sie demonstrated convincing performances in movies like "La petite voleuse - Die kleine Diebin" (88) and "Merci la vie" (91), and it soon followed international film offers.

To her other well-known movies belong "The Cement Garden - Der Zementgarten" (93), "Grosse fatigue" (94), "Jane Eyre" (96), "Love, etc." (96), "La bûche" (99) - for which she was awarded with her second César, the serial "Nuremberg - Nürnberg - Im Namen der Menschlichkeit" (00), the serial "Les Misérables" (00) and "21 Grams und "L'un reste, l'autre part" (05)

Charlotte Gainsbourg was besides the already mentioned Césars for two other Césars nominated in 1989 and 1997.

Other movies with Charlotte Gainsbourg: 
Charlotte for Ever (86) Kung-Fu master (87) Aux yeux du monde (90) Il sole anche di notte (90) Amoureuse (92) Anna Oz (96) The Intruder (99) Passionnément (00) Félix et Lola (01) Ma femme est une actrice (01) Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants (04) Une star internationale (04)