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Judith Godreche


The actress Judith Godreche began her career as a child actress in the movie "L'été prochain" (85). Beside it she also worked as model for commercials and magazines.

She continued her film career successfully at the end of the 80's and took part in "Les mendiants" (88), "Sons" (88) and "La fille de 15 ans" (89).

She finally became established as a demanded actress in the 90's and also appeared in some American movies.
To her well-known movies of those years belong "Paris 'séveille" (91), "Tango" (93), "L'aube à l'envers" (95), "Ridicule" (96), "Le rouge et le noir" (97), "The Man in the Iron Mask" (98) and "Entropy" (99).

Judith Godreche was able to play to the gallery with impressive roles in the recent years, among others "L'auberge espagnole" (02), "Quicksand" (03), "Tout pour plaire" (05) and "Home Sweet Home" (08).

Other movies with Judith Godreche: 
Les saisons du plaisir (88) La méridienne (88) Un été d'orages (89) La désenchantée (90) Ferdydurke (91) Emma Zunz (92) Une nouvelle vie (93) Grande petite (94) Pour une vie ou deux (95) Beaumarchais, l'insolent (96) Bimboland (98) South Kensington (01) Parlez-moi d'amour (02) France Boutique (03) Tu vas rire, mais je te quitte (05) Papa (05) Zézette au Caniwash (05) J'veux pas que tu t'en ailles (07) Pink Panther 2 (09)