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Michel Gondry


The director Michel Gondry grew up in a family which was influenced by the pop music. His grandfather Constant Martin developed one of the first synthesizers (Clavioline), his father sold electrical guitars.
Michel Gondry attended an art school in Paris in the 80's and there he refined his graphic talents. Beside it he founded the pop rock band Oui-Oui which produced two albums.
When he shot selfmade video clips for the band one of it was televised on MTV. The singer Björk became aware of him and he realisded the video "Human Behaviour". In the next years he shot five more videos with Björk (Army of ME", "Isobel", "Hyperballad", "Joga" und "Bachelorette"), which all fascinated with their very individual style. It soon followed videos for other stars of the music business.

Beside it Michel Gondry also shot several commercials for Coca Cola, Nike, Adidas and so on for which he was awarded with many awards.

Finally the film business became aware of him and he realised his first movie in 2001 called "Human Nature" (01) with Patricia Arquette.

When he realised the short movie "Pecan Pie" with Jim Carrey in 2003 it followed his greatest success so far with the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (04), again with Jim Carrey and other stars like Kate Winslett and Elijah Wood.

Other movies from Michel Gondry (Director): 
Vingt p'tites tours (89) La lettre (98) Björk: Volumen (98) One Day… (01) Massive Attack: Eleven Promos (01) The Chernical Brothers: Singles 93-03 (03) I've Been Twelve Forever (03)

La lettre (98) One Day… (01) Pecan Pie (03) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (04)