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Jane Hading

Jane Hading

1859 - 1940

The actress Jane Hading (also Jeanne Hading) was born as Jeanne Alfredine Trefouret in Marseille.

Because her father was active as a stage actor (among others a the theater du Gymnase) she soon got in touch with this medium as well.

After an education at the conservatory she began her acting career at theaters in Algiers and Cairo before she returned to Marseille where soon became a well-known actress and singer too. 

She managed her definite breakthrough in the 80s and she not only became a star in France but also in the USA and England after her tour through these countries (among others with Coquelin). 

Sie continues her stage career till to the old age.

She only appeared sporadically in movies, for the first time for "Gerval, le maître de forges" (12) with Gilbert Dalleu in the title role.
It followed engagements in the movies "André Cornélis" (15) directec by Henri Pouctal and "La flambée" (16) with Jean Garat and Raphael Duflos. This movie was also directed by Pouctal.

Jane Hading was short-time married with the theater manager Victor Koning.