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Sophie Hardy


The actress Sophie Hardy experienced some successes in the 60's, first in French movies, later in Germany and England too.

She made her film debut in 1962 with "Un clair de lune à Maubeuge" and "La loi des hommes" (62). When she worked in Germany from 1964 she took part in the popular productions "Der Hexer" (64), "Winnetou III" (65) and "Das Geheimnis der weissen Nonne" (66).

After that it became more silent about her. It only followed single appearances in movies like "Taste of Excitement" (69), "Road to Salina" (71) and finally, after a longer interruption, "Jules" (94) and "Casablanca Driver" (04).

Other movies with Sophie Hardy: 
Des frissons partout (63) La baie du désir (63) Serie "Les cinq dernières minutes: Fenêtre sur jardin" (64) Hardi! Pardaillan (64) L'étrange auto-stoppeuse (64) Three Hats for Lisa (65) Cartes sur table (66) Scénario sur la drogue: La purée (00)