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Marcel Herrand

1897 - 1953

The actor Marcel Herrand began his stage career in the 20s and he was engaged in many well-known plays of those years because of his natural elegance.

His first appearances in movies came in the 30s into being with "Le jugement du minuit" (33), "Le domino vert" (35) and "Au service tu star" (36).

He continued his film career in the next years, whereat the number of movies remained rather low. The theater remained the passion of his life. 

Still he was also engaged by well-known directors like Marcel Carné who often deployed him for menacing characters. 
To his most popular movies of those years belong "Les visiteurs de soir" (42), "Le comte de Monte Cristo" (43), "Les enfants du paradis" (45), "Le père Serge" (45), "Fantômas" (47), "Ruy Blas" (48), "On n'aime qu'une fois" (50), "Une histoire d'amour" (51) and "Fanfan la Tulipe" (52).

Other movies with Marcel Herrand: 
Le pavillon brûle (41) Les mystères de Paris (43) Etoile sans lumière (46) Messieurs Ludovic (46) Martin Roumagnac (46) L'homme traqué (47) Les chouans (47) Il fiacre N. 13 (48) Impasse des Deux Anges (48) Le mystère de la chambre jaune (49) Le parfum de la dame en noir (49) Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei (50) Pas de pitié pour les femmes (50) Les loups chassent la nuit (52) La p... Respectueuse (52)