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René-Louis Lafforgue

René-Louis Lafforgue

1928 - 1967

The actress Bernadette Lafont attended a dancing education and got her first engagements in operettas before she entered a second career as a model in the 50's.

At the same time she also appeared in her first movies, among them "Les mistons" (58) directed by François Truffaut, "Le beau Serge" (58) and "Bal de nuit" (59).
In the 60's and 70's she became a French cinema star and took part in countlessmovies.To her well-known productions of those years belong "Les mordus" (60), "Un clair de lune à Maubeuge" (62), "Et satan conduit le bal" (62), "La chasse à l'homme" (64), "Le voleur" (67), "Un idiot à Paris" (67), "Je.Tu.Elles" (69), "Renaissance" (70), "Out 1" (71), "To Catch a Spy" (71), "L'oeuf" (72), "Une belle fille comme moi - Ein schönes Mädchen wie ich" (72) - again directed by François Truffaut, "La maman et la putain - Die Mama und die Hure" (73), "Zig zig" (74), "Le trouble-fesses" (76), "Violette Nozière" (77), "La tortue sur le dos" (78) and "Il ladrone" (79).

Her most successful time was in the 80's where she impersonated many character roles. She convinced in movies like "Certaines nouvelles" (80), "Canicule" (84), "Le pactole" (85) with her daughter Pauline Lafont, "Inspecteur Lavardin" (86), "Masques" (87) and "Prisonnières" (88).
Her outstanding performance was awarded with the César in 1986, two years later followed a nomination for the César.
But Bernadette Lafont would have preferred to cut out these awards if she wouldn't had to go through the tragic blow of her daughter. She was killed in a bath accident in Cervennes.
Bernadette Lafont couldn't really get over this blow still she continued her film career in the 90's.

To her latest movies belong "Cherokee" (91), "Dingo" (91), "Monsieur Ripois" (93), "Maigret se trompe" (94), "La ferme du crocodile" (96), "Opération Bugs Bunny" (97), "Pepe Carvalho - Padre-patron" (99), "Les amants du Nil" (02) and "Ripoux 3" (03). 

Bernadette Lafont was awared with the Honorary Award in 2003 for her lifework.

Other movies with René-Louis Lafforgue: 
Madame et son auto (58) L'homme à l'oreille cassée (60) Passe-temps (62) Les amants de Teruel (62) Mon royaume pour un lapin (65) Serie "L'éventail de Séville" (68)

Julie la rousse (59) La pendule à Salomon (60) La vérité (60) Les amants de Terue." (62) La grande frousse (64) 

Les amants de Teruel (62)