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Robert Lamoureux


The actor Robert Lamoureux began his career in cabarets where he interpreted songs and monologues.

He was spotted for the film in the 50's and he launched a short bus impressive film career.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Le roi des camelots" (51), "Allô...je t'aime" (52), "Papa, maman, la bonne et moi" (54), "Si Paris nous était conté" (55), "Rencontre à Paris" (56), "La vie à deux" (58) as well as two movies in the title role of masterthief Arsène Lupin in "Les aventures d'Arsène Lupin" (57) and "Signé Arsène Lupin" (59).

But the film business bored this impressive actor in the long run and he dedicated to the theater most of his time where he experienced great successes over the decades - normally in comedies.

Robert Lamoureux realised two movies as a director in 1960 in which he also apeared as an actor - "Ravissante" (60) and "La brune que voilà" (60) - but the movies were not very successful. After that he retired from the film business for more than ten years and worked exclusively for the theater.

He only returned to the big screen in 1973 and acted in the movie "Mais où est donc passée la septième compagnie?" (73), where he was active as an actor, writer as well as a director.
In the next years followed other movies in this multiple function like "Impossible...pas français" (74) and "On a retrouveé la 7e compagnie" (75).
His latest movies as an actor were "Le jour des rois" (91) and the serial "Les guerre des privés" (92).

Other movies with Robert Lamoureux:
Le Don d'Adèle (51) Au fil des ondes (51) Chacun son tour (51) Lettre ouverte (53) L'incantevole nemica (53) Virgile (53) Femmes de Paris (53) Escalier de service (54) Village magique (55) Papa, maman, ma femme et moi (56) L'amour est en jeu (57) La Française et l'amour: La femme seule (60) Opération Lady Marlène (75) L'apprenti salaud (77) La soupière (83) Serie "Maguy: Un mari classé ex" (85) 

Ravissante (60) La septième compagnie au clair de lune (77) La soupière (83) Le tombeur (87)

Opération Lady Marlène (75) La septième compagnie au clair de lune (77)