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Jennifer Lauret


The actress Jennifer Lauret conquered the French cinema as a child actress.
First she worked at the theater at the age of eight before she made her film debut in the TV serial "Marc et Sophie" (88-90), it followed the productions "Génial, mes parents divorcent?" (91) and "2 bis, rue de la Combine" (92).

She had a great success with the serial "Julie Lescaut" (92). Other movies were "Coeur à prendre" (94), "Amour et confusions" (97) and "Une femme très très très amoureuse" (97).
After that followed a longer interruption of her film career beside her appearance in the long-term serial "Une famille formidable" (92).

Only in 2003 she appeared again in front of the camera for the TV production "Robinson Crusoé" with Pierre Richard.

Other movies with Jennifer Lauret: 
Serie "Marc et Sophie" (88-90) Génial, mes parents divorcent! (91) 2 bis, rue de la Combine (92) Serie "Une famille formidable" (92) Serie "Julie Lescaut" (92) Passé sous silence" (93) Coeur à prendre (94) Serie "La rivière Espérance" (95) Bonne fête papa (97) Amour et confusions (97) Une leçon particulière (97) Une femme très très très amoureuse (97) Passé sous silence (97) La fine équipe (97) Robinson Crusoé (03)