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Virginie Ledoyen


The actress Virginie Ledoyen came early in contact with the limelight. Already at the age of two she got first model jobs and at the age of nine she was admitted to a Parisian art school for exceptionally talented children.

She made her film debut in 1987 with "Les exploits d'un  jeune Don Juan" (87), it followed the TV serial "La vie en panne" (88).

Virginie Ledoyen appeared regular in front of the camera from the 90s and she she became an actress at the side of well-known film workers.

To her most popular movies of the 90's belong "Mima" (91) with Nino Manfredi, "Le voleur d'enfatns" (91) with Marcello Mastroianni, "Les marmottes" (93) with Jacqueline Bisset and "La fille seule" (95) which concentrated completely to Virginie Ledoyen.

In the next years came other well-known productions into being, among them "Héroines" (97), "En plein coeur" (98), "The Beach" (00) with Leonardi di Caprio, the mini serial "Les Misérables" (00), "8 femmes" (02) sith Catherine Deneuve, "Saint Ange" (04) and "Holly" (06).

Besides her activity as an actress she is also a well-known commercial face for the beauty firm "L'Oreal".

Other movies with Virginie Ledoyen: 
Serie "La vie de Marianne" (94) La folie douce (94) La règle de l'homme (94) L'eau froide (94) Serie "Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge…: La page blanche" (94) Les sensuels (95) Sur la route (95) La cérémonie (95) Mahjong (96) Ma 6-T va crack-er (97) Marianne (97) Jeanne et le garçon formidable (98) A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries (98) Fin août, début septembre (98) De l'amour (01) Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose? (03) Bon voyage (03) La doublure (06) Bosque de sombras (06)