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Luis Mariano

1914 - 1970 

The tenor and actor Luis Mariano belonged to the most popular operetta singer of the 20th century whose career especially took place in the 40's and 50's.

He was born in Irun, Spain. His family move to Bordeaux some years later.
Luis Mariano showed moreinterested into singing and music than into grammar at school. Finally he decided to become an opera singer.

He met Jeanne Lagiscarde in 1940 who introduced him into the artistic circle of Bordeaux. She also convinced him to go to the tenor Michel Fontécha with a letter of recommendation to get singing lessons.

When he was engaged by Max de Rieux to the Palais de Chaillot Ernesto de Don Pasquale he met Francis Lopez with whom he worked successfully together for the next years.
The breakthrough followed in 1945 with the operetta "La belle de Cadix", where he was able to convince the public with voice talent.

Luis Mariano made his film debut in 1943 with "Le chant de l'exilé" (43) and "L'escalier sans fin" (43) and in the production "Cargaison clandestinge" (47) he had to play a role for which he was made.
His success as singer and actor on the big screen continued in the next years. To his next movies belong "Fandango" (48), "Je n'aime que toi" (49), "Andalousie" (51), "Rendez-vous à Grenade" (52), "La belle de Cadix" (53), "Der Zarewitsch" (54), "Napoléon" (55) and "El Cantor de México" (56).

His film career drew slowly to an end at the end of the 50's. He only appeared for "Candide ou l'optimisme au XXe siècle" (61) and "Les pieds dans la plâtre" (65) in front of the camera.
At the same time he finished successfully a tour with the Cirque Pinder and appeared in the operetta "La cancion" (57) written by Franics Lopez, but couldn't achieve the success hoped-for.

The operetta scene changed a lot at the end of the 50's; to Luis Mariano's popular operettas of those years belong "Le secret de Marco Polo au Châtelet" (59) and "Visa pour l'amour" (59) with Annie Cordy.
He continued his musical career as a singer in the 60's and returned triumphant to the Châtelet where he appeared with "Le Prince de Madrid".

When he took part in the play "La Caravelle d'or" in 1969 he was forced to take a break time and again because of his illness. Finally he had to retire from the play, only two months later he died.

Other movies with Luis Mariano: 
Histoire de chanter (46) Pas de week-end pour notre amour (49) Paris chante toujours! (52) Violetas imperiales (52) Aventuras del barbero de Sevilla (54) Quatre jours à Paris (55) A la Jamaïque (57) Sérénade au Texas (58)