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Arlette Marchal

1902 - 1984

The actress Arlette Marchal began her film career at the beginning of the 20's with "Mon p'tit" (22), "La dame au ruban de velours" (23), "Terreurs" (24) and "Madame Sans-Gêne" (24).

She soon took also part in international productions, to these movies belong the German productions "Das Bildnis" (23), "Die Sklavenkönigin" (24) and "Die Dame mit der Maske" (28) as well as the American movies "Venetian Lovers" (25), "Diplomacy" (26), "Wings" (27) and "A Gentleman of Paris" (27).

She continued her career in the talkies of the 30's in France. To her early sound movies belong "La poule" (32), "La femme idéale" (33), "Don Quichotte" (33), "La loi du nord" (39) and "Le journal tombe à cinq heures" (42).

She only acted in front of the camera a few times after the war. To her last cinematical works belong "The Elusive Pimpernel" (50) and "…sans laisser d'adresse" (51).

Other movies with Arlette Marchal: 
Un coquin (23) Sarati, le terrible (23) Aux jardins de Murcie (23) Un drame au Carlton-Club (24) La châtelaine du Liban (26) Born to the West (26) The Cat's Pajamas (26) Forlorn River (26) Blonde or Brunette (27) Le manoir de la peur (27) Hula (27) The Spotlight (27) La femme rêvée (28) Figaro (29) Boudoir diplomatique (31) Toboggan (33) Les requins du pétrole (33) Le petit roi (33) La marche nuptiale (34) Entente cordiale (39) Le père Serge (45)