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Michèle Mercier


The actress Michèle Mercier finished an education as a ballet dancer before she made her film debut in 1957.
To her first movies belong "Retour de manivelle" (57) and "Ein Engel auf Erden" (59).
When she appeared an Charles Aznavour's side in the movie "Tirez sur le pianiste - Schiessen sie auf den Pianisten" (60) this was one her greatest success and underpinned her acting talent.
In "Goodbye Again - Lieben Sie Brahms?" (61) she played together with Yves Montand and Ingrid Bergman.

After that followed some movies in Italy like "Le meraviglie di Aladino" (61), "Il giustiziere dei mari" (61), "La pupa" (63) and "Alta infedeltà" (64) before the great success came with the movies around Angélique.
Mit movies like "Angélique, marquise des anges" (64), "Merveilleuse Angélique" (65) and "Angélique et le roy - Angélique und der König" (66) she became famous to an international public. But these movies also meant the banishment of serious roles at the same time because her person was inseparable connected with the one of Angélique from now on.
To her other movies in the 60's belong "Le tonnerre et Dieu - Herr auf Schloss Brassac/Auch eine französische Ehe" (65), "Das gewisse Etwas der Frauen" (66), "I nostri mariti" (66), "Le plus vieux métier du monde - Das älteste Gewerbe der Welt" (67) and "Lady Hamilton - Zwischen Schmach und Liebe" (68).

In the 70's followed mosttly disappointing role offers and her film career ended slowly.
To her movies of those years belong "Macédoine" (71), "Call of the Wild - Ruf der Wildnis" (72), "Less femmes du monde" (77) and "Götz von Berlichingen mit der eisernen Hand" (79).

Since than followed only very few appearances in front of the camera, among them "Jeans Tonic" (84), "La rumbera" (98) and the serial "Krasnaya kapella" (04).

Other movies with Michèle Mercier:
Donnez-moi ma chance (57) Le notti di Lucrezia Borgia (59) Le saint mène la danse (60) La ligne de mire (60) La brune que voilà (60) Le prigioniere dell'isola del diavolo (61) Fury at Smugglers' Bay (61) Anni ruggenti (62) Symphonie pour un massacre (63) I mostri (63) I tre volti della paura: The Telephone" (63) L'aîné des Ferchaux (63) Il giovedi (63) Frenesia dell'estate (63) Amore in quattro dimensioni (63) A Global Affair (64) Casanova '70 (65) Via Veneto (65) Soleil noir (66) La seconde vérité (66) Indomptable Angélique (67) Angélique et le sultan (68) Une corde, un Colt (69) Une veuve en or (69) You Can't Win 'Em All (70) Nella stretta morsa del ragno - Dracula im Schloss des Schreckens (72) Roma bene (71) Per amore o per forza (71) Le viager (72) Serie "Il bello delle donne" (01)