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Blanche Montel

1902 - 1998

The actress Blanche Montel was born as Rose Blanche Jeanne Montel in Tours.

She already made her film debut at the age of eleven with "La fille de Delft" (14) and as a young woman whe continued her silent movie career in the 20s successfully, beginning with some engagements in Louis Feuillade's movies.

To her well-known movies of those years belong "Barrabas" (19), "Les deux gamines" (21), "L'orpheline" (21), "La fille des chiffonniers" (22), "Son altesse" (23), "La vocation d'André Carel" (25), "Le roi de la pédale" (25) and "La ronde infernale" (28).

She continued her career in the sound film era of the 30s and took part in productions like "L'Arlésienne" (30), "L'affaire Blaireau" (32), "La bonne aventure" (32), "Clair de lune" (32), "Les trois mousquetaires" (32), "L'aventurier" (34) and "Mon père et mon papa" (38).

Afterwards followed only one more movie with "L'homme de Londres" (43), then Blanche Montel retired from the film business.

Besides her engagements in front of the camera she also was very active on stage.

She remained true to her profession as an impressario for other actors.

Blanche Montel was married with the director Henri Decoin. On the verge of her death she had to witness the death of her son Jacques who died at the age of 70. 

Other movies with Blanche Montel: 
Zidore ou les métamorphoses (21) Séraphin ou les jambes nues (21) Gustave est médium (21) Gaetan ou le commis audacieux (22) Pas Domine (23) L'affaire du courrier de Lyon (23) Une vielle marquise très riche (24) La belle Nivernaise (24) L'éveilleur d'instincts (25) Chichinette et Cie (25) Flagrang délit (31) L'enfant du miracle (32) Les bleus du ciel (33) La maison du mystère (33) Miquette et sa mère (34) Durand bijoutier (38)