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Nathalie Nattier

1925 - 2010

The actress Nathalie Nattier begann her film career in the 40's and she took part in movies like "Un seul amour" (43), "Etrange destin" (46), "L'idiot" (46) and "Le château de la dernière chance" (47).

At the beginning of the 50's followed already the last regular appearences, to these productions belong "La rue sans loi" (50), "Piédalu à Paris" (51), "Moumou" (51) and "Détournement de mineures" (59).

After that she retired from the film business for more than 40 years, only in 2002 she made her comeback with an episode of the serial "Commissariat Bastille: Compte à rebours" (02), one year later followed the movie "Jeux d'enfants" (03).

Other movies with Nathalie Nattier: 
Seul dans la nuit (45) Les portes de la nuit (46) Ly mystére Barton (48) Fusillé à l'aube (50) Porte d'orient (51) Mon ami le cambrioleur (51) Monsieur Taxi (52) Brelan d'as (52) La famille Cucuroux (53)