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Anne Parillaud


The actress Anne Parillaud studied ballet first before she played her first small role in the movie "Un amour de sable" (77).
One year later followed the movie "L'Hôtel de la plage" (78), which finally matured the decision to become an actress.

In the next years she appeared in the movies "Girls" (80), "Le battant" (83) and "Juillet en septembre" (88), but these movies didn't attract much attention.
But when she impersonated the title role in the production "Nikita" (90) she landed an unexpected success and she became famous overnight. She was awarded with the César for this role.
This movie was a signpost for other movies in which women played convincing action roles. For Anne Parillaud this movie also opened her the door to the American filmindustry where she took part in the productions "Innocent Blood" (92), "Map of the Human Heart" (93), "Frankie Starlight" (95), "The Man in the Iron Mask" (98) and "Shattered Image" (98).

To her latest cinematical works belong "Gangsters" (02) and "Deadlines" (04).

Anne Parillaud was married with the director Luc Besson.

Other movies with Anne Parillaud:
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