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Daniele Parola


1905 - 1998

The actress Daniele Parola was able to launch a brief but intensive film career in the 30's.

Her first appearances came in the silent movie era into being where she acted in the productions "Les transatlantiques" (27), "La meilleure maîtresse" (28) and "Paris-Girls" (29).

When the talkies replaced the silent movies she took part in "Dans une île perdue" (30), Marc Allégrets "Les amours de minuit" (31), the German-French production "Stupéfiants" (32), the French version of the German classic "I.F.1 ne répond plus" (33) with Charles Boyer, "La veuve joyeuse" (34) with Maurice Chevalier, "Sous les yeux d'occident" (36) with Pierre Fresnay and "Balthazar" (38) with Jules Berry.

Other movies with Daniele Parola: 
Delikatessen (30) Je t'adore mais pourquoi (31) Le dernier choc (32) Le baron tzigane (35) Aventure à Paris (36) Aloha, le chant des îles (37)