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Vincent Perez


The actor Vincent Perez was born in Switzerland where he also attended an acting school in Geneva.
After his move to Paris he made his film debut with the TV production "Piège à flics" (85), one year later followed his first feature movie "Gardien de la nuit - Nachtstreife" (86).
It didn't last long and Vincent Perez was casted at other stars' side, so in "La maison de Jade - Das Jadehaus" (87) with Jacqueline Bisset and finally "Cyrano de Bergerac" (90) with Gérard Depardieu. With this movie he attracted attention of the public and was nominated for the César as best up-and-coming actor.

He laid the foundations of his international career in the 90's which led him till to the USA. First he was convincing in "Hamlet" (90), "Il viaggio di Capitan Fracassa" (91), "Indochine" (92), "Fanfan" (93) and "La Reine Margot - Die Bartholomäusnacht" (94).
It followed his film debut in the USA with "The Crow: City of Angels" (96) which opened him the doors to the film country No. 1 but didn't get qualitative demanding roles.
He commuted between Europe and the USA in the next years. His exotic appearance was used in movies like "Le bossu - Duell der Degen" (97), "Talk of Angels" (98), "Le libertin" (00), "I Dreamed of Africa" (00), "Bride of the Wind" (01), "Fanfan la tulipe" (03) and "Bienvenue en Suisse" (04). 

Vincent Perez was nominated for three Césars till today.

Other movies with Vincent Perez: 
Hôtel de France (87) La neige et le feu (91) Cendre d'or (92) Al di là delle nuvole - Jenseits der Wolken (95) Ligne de vie (96) Swept from the Sea (97) Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train (98) Shot Through the Heart (98) The Treat (98) Le temps retrouvé (99) Epouse-moi (00) Les morsures de l'aube (01) Queen of the Damned (02) Le pharmacien de garde (03) La felicità non costa niente (03) Je reste! (03) Les clefs de bagnole (03) Nouvelle France (04) 

L'échange (92) Rien à dire (99) Scénario sur la drogue: Hier, tu m'as dit demain (00) Peau d'ange (02)

L'échange (92) Peau d'ange (02)