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Charlotte Rampling


The actress Charlotte Rampling, born in Sturmer, England, belongs to the demanded international stars.

She early impersonated very special characters on the big screen which sometimes had something destructive on it. With her green eyes and the sad look she fascinate the audience.

She made her first steps into the limelight together with her sister as a singer and they toured through the London clubs as the "Colonel Daughters".

Her film career also started in England with "The Knack - Der gewisse Kniff" (65), it followed "Rotten to the Core" (65), "Georgy Girl" (66), "The Long Duel" (67), an episod of the serial "The Avengers: The Superlative Seven - Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone: The Superlative Seven" (67) and "La caduta degli dei - Die Verdammten" (69).

She extended her field of activity to Europa and the USA. She worked together with outstanding filmworkers and became famous with movies like "Asylum" (72), "Zardoz" (74), "Il portiere di note - Nachtportier" (74), "Farewell, My Lovely - Fahr zur Hölle, Liebling" (75), "Sherlock Holmes in New York" (76) and "Un taxi mauve" (77).

The following decades offered her other interesting roles. She took part in the productions "Stardust Memories" (80) directed by Woody Allen, "The Verdict" (82), "Viva la vie!" (84), "On ne meurt que deux fois - Mörderischer Engel" (85), "Max mon amour" (86), "Angel Heart" (87), "D.O.A." (88), "La femme abandonnée" (92), "La dernière fête" (96) and "Great Expectations" (99).

To her latest movies belong "Aberdeen" (00), "Sous le sable" (00), "The Fourth Angel" (01), "Spy Game" (01), "Swimming Pool" (03) and "Vers le sud" (04).

Charlotte Rampling was nominated for a César three times and was awarded with the Honorary César in 2001.

Charlotte Rampling's father was an Olympic winner in 1936 with the 4 x 100 meter relay.
She was married with the sculptor Bryan Southcombe and the composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

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