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1905 - 1963

The singer and actor Reda-Caire was born as Joseph Gandhour in Cairo. His father was a senior official for the Egypt government, his mother was a member of the Belgian nobilty.
Reda-Caire was a singer in the first instance, beside it he also took part in few movies.

He began his artistic career in 1925 when he joined a operetta group in Lyons. When he settled in Paris in 1934 he recorded two songs which made him very popular in France and he became a darling of the audience.
He remained true to the operetta in the next years and he appeared in numerous performances.

He made his film debut with "Le club des aristocrates" (37) with Jules Berry, Pierre Larquey and Viviane Romance. In this movie he impersonated a singer.
In the next years followed productions like "Si tu reviens" (38), "Prince de mon coeur" (38) with Pierre Larquey, "Vous seule que j'aime" (39), "Marseille mes amours" (40) and "Six petites filles en blanc" (43) with Jean Murat and Henri Guisol.

Reda-Caire died at the age of only 58 in 1963.