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Line Renaud


The actress and singer Line Renaud was born as Jacqueline Enté in Pont-de-Nieppe. They early spotted her vocal potential and at the age of seven she won an amateur singing competition.

When she wanted to register for the Lille conservatory she met the director of a local radio who was looking out for a new singer. She sang something to him and was signed on.

After the war she managed the jump to the capital city Paris and worked among others at the cabaret "Les Folies-Belleville". There she met her idol, composer Loulou Gasté. Although he was much older than she was they fell in love and got married in 1950.
They complemented one another ideal and she became under the pseudonym Line Renaud a star.

She already appeared in 1948 in her first movie called "Une belle garce" (48), in the 50's followed productions like "Paris chante toujours!" (52), "Quitte ou double" (53), "Mademoiselle et son gang" (57) and "L'increvable" (59).
Besides she also appeared at Yves Montand's side at the "Théâtre de l'Etoile" in Paris.

But her singing was still the centre of her activity. It followed tours through Europe and entrances in Africa. One of the heights of her career followed in 1954 when she appeared in shows at the Moulin Rouge which were all sold out. It followed engagements in the USA, e.g. by Bob Hope.
When she planned to appear for half a year in Las Vegas the success was so huge that it became two years. Therefore she commuted between Europe and the USA in the 60's.

After decades of successful performances in shows and musicals followed a great comeback as an actress at the end of the 80's.
To her well-known movies of those years belong "La folle journée ou le mariage de Figaro" (89), "Ripoux contre ripoux" (90), "J'ai pas sommeil" (94), "L'embellie" (96), "Une vie pour une autre" (97), "A nous deux la vie" (98), "Chaos" (01) and "Suzie Berton" (04).

Other movies with Line Renaud: 
Ils sont dans les vignes (52) Saluti e baci (53) La madelon (55) Tausend Sterne leuchten (59) Serie "Memories of Midnight" (91) The Sands of Time (92) Polly West est de retour (93) Serie "Les filles du Lido" (95) Ma femme me quitte (96) Sixième classique (96) La voisine (97) Une femme d'action (97) La grande Béké (97) Serie "Louise et les marchés" (98) Belle maman (99) Doggy Bag (99) Serie "La petite fille en costume marin" (99) Roule routier (00) Le mal de mère (01) Tous les chagrins se ressemblent (02) La grande brasserie (02) 18 ans après (03)

La voisine (97)