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Lysiane Rey

1922 - 1975

The actress Lysiane Rey joined the film business at the age of 19 and she made her debut with "L'étrange Suzy" (41) at Albert Préjean's and Suzy Prim's side.
In the next years she impersonated roles in productions like "Une femme dans la nuit" (43), "Les ailes blanches" (43) and "Le secret du Florida" (47), again with Albert Préjean.
She got offered many roles in 50s as well, among them "L'homme de joie" (50), "Le roi des camelots" (51), "Duel à Dakar" (51), "Rires de Paris" (53) and "Elisa" (57).
To her last cinematical works belong "Vers l'extase" (60), "Quand passent les faisans" (65) and an episode of the serial "Vidocq: L'auberge de la mère tranquille" (67).
Lysiane Rey was married with the nearly 30 years older actor Albert Préjean. Her son Patrick Préjean and her granddaughter Laura Préjean became actors too.

Other movies with Lysiane Rey: 
Après l'orage (43) Six petites filles en blanc (43) Les trois cousines (47) Mademoiselle Josette ma femme (51) Dupont Barbès (51) Mon curé chez les riches (52) Minuit...Quai de Bercy (53) A toi de jouer...Callaghan!!! (55) Liberty Bar (60) Serie "L'amateur ou S.O.S. Fernand: L aprincesse russe" (67)