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Germaine Rouer

1897 - 1994

The actress Germaine Rouer attended the conservatory for dramatic art and passed it with distinction in 1919 in the categories comedy and tragedy.
Afterwards she got an engagement at the Odéon theater where she only appeared for a brief time. Instead of it she changed to the theater de la Porte Saint-Martin and later at the Rennaissance where she played on international tours.

She already made her film debut at the age of 13 with "Les deux orphelines" (10), it followed the movies "Les vampires" (15) and "Perdue" (19).
In the 20's she took part in film productions like "Les deux soldats" (21), "La terre" (21), "La flamme" (25), "Der gute Ruf" (26) and "La cousine Bette" (27).

But even in the years of her cinematical works the theater always hold a higher importance in her career.
An important step was when she was admitted to the Comédie Française in 1933, in 1956 she was appointed to a honorary member.
There she was able to demonstrate her whole repertoire - both in modern plays and classic performances.

But Germanie Rouer was also busy in front of the camera in the early talkies. To these movies belong "Au bonheur des dames" (30), "Roger la Honte" (33), "La pocharde" (36), "Liberté" (37) and "La femme du bout du monde" (37).

It followed a longer interruption before she continued her film career after the war with "Le dolmen tragique" (48), "L'enfant des neiges" (51) and Sacha Guitry's "Si Versailles m'était conté" (54).

Other movies with Germaine Rouer: 
Un drame sous Napoléon (21) Le pauvre village (22) La porteuse de pain (23) La glul (27) Deux fois vingt ans (31) La messe de minuit (32) Le secret d'une nuit (34) Bourrasque (35) Les deux gosses (36) Le chemin de lumière (37)