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Philippe Rousselot

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The cinematographer Philippe Rousselot began as a camera assistant of Nestor Almendors for movies directed by Eric Rohmer.

From 1970 he became a cinematographer himself and shot pictures to movies like "Absences répétées" (72), "L'affiche rouge" (76), "Paradiso" (77) and "Pauline et l'ordinateur" (78).

He managed the jump to the international filmbusiness in the 80's and was responsible for the camera for important movies.
He was among others awarded with the César for "Diva" (81) and five years later for "Thérèse" (86).
Besides he also worked for well-known productions like "Guy de Maupassant" (82), "Nemo" (84), "The Emerald Forest" (85), "Hope and Glory" (87), "L'ours" (88), "Dangerous Liaisons" (88) and "We're No Angels" (89).

In the next years his activity was mainly influenced by US movies. He created fantastic pictures for productions like "A River Runs Through It" (92), "Sommersby" (93), "La Reine Margot" (94), "Interview with the Vampire" (94), "Mary Reilly" (96), "The People vs. Larry Flynt" (96), "The Tailor of Panama" (01), "Planet of the Apes" (01) and "Big Fish" (03).

Philippe Rousselot realised his only movie as a director in 1997 called "The Serpent's Kiss" (97).

He was nominated for two Oscars in 1988 and 1991 and got it in 1993 for "A River Runs Through It".

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Le clair de terre (70) La raison du plus fou (73) Histoires d'A (74) Il pleut toujours où c'est mouillé (75) Cyrus le violoncelliste (75) Pour Clémence (77) Adom ou Le sand d'Abel (77) Diabolo menthe (77) Je veux mourir dans la patrie de Jean-Paul Sartre (77) La drôlesse (79) Cocktail Molotov (80) Vive la mariée (80) La provinciale (81) La gueule du loup (81) La lune dans la caniveau (83) Les voleurs de la nuit (84) Night Magic (85) Des terroristes à la retraite (85) End of the Rainbow (86) Trop belle pour toi (89) Henry & June (90) Merci la vie (91) The Miracle (91) Flesh and Bone (93) Instinct (99) Random Hearts (99) Remember the Titans (00) Antwone Fisher (02)