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Dominique Sanda


The actress Dominique Sanda was born as Dominique Varaigne in Paris. She had her first public appearances as a well-paid model before she made her film debut in 1969 with "Une femme douce - Die Sanfte" directed by Robert Bresson.

The career of Dominique Sanda was already at the beginning internationally oriented. In the next years she acted among others in the German production "Erste Liebe" (70), in the Italian production "Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini - Der Garten der Finzi Contini" (70) and the American production "The Mackintosh Man" (73).
Under the direction of Bernardo Bertolucci she took part in several movies, so in "Il conformiste - Der Konformist/Der grosse Irrtum" (70), "Gruppo di famiglia in un interno - Gewalt und Leidenschaft" (74) and "1900" (76).
Other well-known movies of the 70's were "Steppenwolf" (74), "L'eredità Ferramonti - Das Erbe der Ferramonti" (76) and "Damnation Alley - Strasse der Verdammnis" (77).

She was able to impersonate other interesting roles in the 80's and 90's and she was convincing in productions like "L'indiscrétion" (82), "Une chambre en ville - Ein Zimmer in der Stadt" (82) - a movie in which all dialogues were sung, "Cops et biens" (86), "Les mendiants" (88), "In una notte di chiaro di luna" (89), "Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair" (90), "Nobody's Children - Land der verlorenen Kinder" (94) and "Brennendes Herz" (95).

After that she reduced her activity in front of the camera, it only followed few more movies like "Les rivières pourpres - Die purpurnen Flüsse" (00) and "The Island of the Mapmaker's Wife" (01).

Other movies with Dominique Sanda: 
La notte dei fiori (70) Sans mobile apparent (71) Story of a Love Story (73) Berceau de cristal (76) Al di là del bene e del male (77) Utopia (78) La chanson de Roland (78) Le Navire Night (79) Le voyage en douce (80) Caboblanco (80) La naissance du jour (80) Les ailes de la colombe (81) Poussière d'empire - Der Staub des Imperiums (83) Le matelot 512 (84) Le lunghe ombre (87) Il decimo clandestino (89) Tolgo il disturbo (90) Lenin: The Train (90) Yo, la peor de todas (90) Voglia di vivere (90) Ils n'avaient pas rendez-vous (91) Serie "Non siamo soli" (91) Naissance d'un Golem (91) El viaje (92) Serie "Warburg: A Manof Influence" (92) Serie "By Way of the Stars" (92) Albert Savarus (93) Rosenemil (93) Der Fall Lucona (93) Der grüne Heinrich (94) Guerriers et captives (94) Joseph (95) Garage Olimpo (99)